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I tried to do as they say in other answers, but I can't do it. in windows open gives "0", but on android nothing. I also tried to give permission when compiling to apk. in windows this work.

func _notification(what):

func _ready():
    score = load_data()['score']

func save_data(data: Dictionary) -> void:
    var file := File.new()
    file.open('user://save.data',  File.WRITE)

func load_data():
    var file := File.new()
    if file.file_exists('user://save.data'):
        file.open('user://save.data', File.READ)
        var data = file.get_var()
        return data
Godot version 3.2.3.stable.official
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It looks like your score is not being saved when you quit because you are not listening to the correct notification, this is in the official docs:

On desktop platforms, the MainLoop has a special MainLoop.NOTIFICATION_WM_QUIT_REQUEST notification that is sent to all nodes when quitting is requested.

On Android, MainLoop.NOTIFICATION_WM_GO_BACK_REQUEST is sent instead. Pressing the Back button will exit the application if Application > Config > Quit On Go Back is checked in the Project Settings (which is the default).

(Edited to add format into the constants)

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thanks, it works when the back button is pressed, but if I turn off the game by removing it from the list of open applications it does not work.

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