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My tree is build this way:

-> Player
-> ->Camera2D
-> CanvasLayer (GUI)
-> -> Gui Stuff (Labels etc.)

The Camera2D follows the player, that works fine. But the GUI stuff is not shown at the camera's current position.

What can i do?

Godot version 3.2.3
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That's really weird, that should work

Maybe there's a problem with the CanvasLayer? While it should be independent of where it is placed in the scene tree, maybe it's following a different transform than the player or camera transforms? Have you tried making the CanvasLayer a child of the Camera2D?

I already tried that, but it didn't solve my issue :(

Try to debug the screen larger. Are those GUI's is static? if yes, then your problem is in the viewport

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The canvaslayer must be a child of the player. Brother of the camera. And the camera has to be in current mode.

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