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Can i develop- full -2d game with (intel hd 3000 and i3-2375m 1.5 GHz Os Windows 10)
or just wait until get new pc, and learn something else(Now).
****Intel hd 3000 -run only on Opengl ES 2.0- Godot - 3.2.3.***

Godot version 3.2.3
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I'd say it's easy to try it out, you could e.g. download godot and in the "templates" you can search for a demo, and if that runs okay, you can expect your project to run ok too imo. Search e.g. "2D platformer demo", particles won't be available on GLES 2 but other stuff seem to work fine. (Also, in your project you can just use CPUParticles on gles2). I think you have a decent chance that it'll run okay.

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You can
You should
Do it
We will help you ;)

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GDQuest has started a new Tutorial-Playlist on Youtube. You should have a look :)
It a very good channel to watch, learn and get started

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