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About: This was the first time I had seen Karen since we had fucked in the lounge at her house whilst my new bride slept soundly in a bedroom above our heads.

Karen’s husband Steve was away at sea again.

Karen was visiting his brother and wife for the weekend back in her hometown and had brought her girlfriend Sammy up from Gosport with her.

Sammy was almost a replica of Karen, except she had dark hair. She was about 5 4 tall, slim but with a shapely figure, small, pert tits and a nice round ass. Oh, and a really cute face. From the way she spoke and how handled herself I reckoned she could be a bit of a girl!

On the Saturday night they were all going to the pub for a bite to eat and some drinks and they invited me and my wife to join them. My wife is not feeling well so I went on my own.


We got back from the pub and, after a night cap, we started to settle down for the night. Steve’s brother and his wife headed off up to bed and Karen, Sammy and I started sorting out sleeping arrangements in the lounge.

Karen and I both had sleeping bags, so we elect to unzip them and use one as a ground sheet and the other as a ‘duvet’. Sammy elected to sleep in the big armchair in the corner.

The electric fire was on a low heat, casting a shadowy warm soft glow around the room.

I undressed down to my boxers and slid between the ‘sheets’, by which time Karen was down to her bra and panties. To my surprise, instead of then slipping into ‘bed’, she took off the bra and panties first.

As she eventually slipped in nearest the fire on my right, I was watching Sammy, whose chair was at the foot of our makeshift bed, as she also stripped naked to reveal her slender body, pert little tits and shaven pubes, before slipping on an oversized t-shirt as her night ware.

Not surprisingly, the sight of the two naked girls had my cock twitching despite the booze I had consumed earlier, so I slipped my left hand into my shorts to stroke it.

I was soon surprised again as Karen, turning to lie on her left-hand side facing me, slipped her right hand across the front of my shorts to also grab my growing erection.

"Feels like someone is getting a bit excited!" Karen whispered, squeezing my growing member through the cotton fabric.

"It’s all this nudity!" I whispered back, watching as Sammy’s body slowly disappeared from view as her t-shirt slipped done over her tight buns.

"Is this for me or her?" Karen asked.

"No, you can have it if you would like. First served, first cum! As they say." I replied.

"I’m not sure that is the saying!" she joked.

And, as she continued to stroke my cock through the cotton fabric, I took my left hand out of my shorts and reached over to play with her pert little breasts and long, rock hard nipples. She moaned as I kneaded and squeezed them.

After a couple more minutes or so I turned my attentions to rubbing her erect her clit. Straight away, I had her moaning and groaning as I rubbed away and it only took a minute or two before I had her whole body quivering as her first orgasm hit.

As it did, as quickly as I could, I took off my shorts, moved over her as she shook, positioned my thick 7-inch cock and with one steady lunge, thrust it into her tight little pussy.

Just like the last time I fucked her she started cummin again as soon as my rod went in. As she continued to quiver, I supported my weight on my forearms and began to fuck her giving her my length with long, steady strokes, each time sending in up to the hilt so my groin bumped against her erect clit. I lost track of the number of times she climaxed as I pumped away.

"Let me come on top. now" She asked after 4 or 5 minutes, so obligingly, I slipped my left arm under her right side to try and keep her in place whilst I then rolled to my left.

Unfortunately, my attempt to keep my cock in her as we rolled didn’t work and she groaned as it slipped out. However, as she moved into position over me it somehow slipped back in and she started to cum again as she slid down the length of my thick shaft.

In position, she placed both hands on my chest for support as she started ride my cock, sometimes bouncing up and down, others sliding back and forth grinding her swollen clit against my pelvic bone making her cum several times more.

Eventually, exhausted from the impact of all the orgasms, Karen rolled off me, back to right, my still rampant cock slipping out of her as she did so.

Well, now I was desperate to shoot my load and lose the boner so I could get some sleep. I noticed that Sam was still awake so I knew she had been watching us so I just hoped she was feeling randy.

"Would you like to play then?" I asked her, as I crawled toward her on my knees whilst pulling on my undying erection.

"I thought you’d never ask!" she replied, swinging her legs around off the arm of the chair onto the floor and pulling up her oversized t-shirt to reveal her shaven pubes.

"Did you enjoy watching?" I asked as I got close enough to slide the tip of my cock up and down between her puffy labia lips. She was well juiced!

She didn’t reply she just smiled back at me, opening her legs further to accommodate me.

"How many times did you come?" I asked as I then started to tap my cock-head on the hood covering her swollen clit.

"Four or five I reckon, I lost count!" She replied

I had no time for any further foreplay, I really just wanted to shoot my load so my erection would go down and I could get some sleep, as it was nearly 3 in the morning by then and I have been fucking for nearly an hour.

Besides, I had effectively made her cum 4 or 5 times already! So, I pushed the cock-head down along her labia until it was on target then I pushed forward from the hip and eased it into her.

"Fuck!" she moaned as the rim of the helmet pushed her labia apart and slipped inside.

With it now lodged in the mouth of her vulva, I let go of my cock and took hold of her tiny waist with both hands and eased her buttocks forward until they were just resting on the edge of the seat. This would enable me to go as deep as possible once I started shafting her. By holding my position as I did so, I had managed to ease another couple of inches into her.

What I really wanted to do was give her the full length and fuck her as hard and fast as possible to get me over the line, but she was really tight! So, I let go of her waist for a minute, pulled my cock right out of her, grabbed it in my right hand and pulled the foreskin back, spat on the fingertips of left hand and rubbed the saliva around the bulging cock-head. I then pushed it back into her and took hold of her by the waist again.

Realising I was going to have to bide my time, I began to fuck her with the 3 inches I had managed to get into her so far with the aim of gradually feeding it into her.

"Jeez, you are so tight!"

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