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About: As she was met with no answer a paralyzing fear filled her, no more like a bad feeling. Taking the sheet along with her she moved around the apartment and called out to him again, once again there was silence. He wouldn't have left would he, than again if she knew him as well as she did she knew he would have and did. Feelings of anger and despair replaced her fear as she searched for her clothing, perhaps he had left a note. However after careful inspection she saw he hadn't even done that, "Damn it Leon." she said just to get rid of the air of silence. No that wasn't true either she was angry he had left, how could he have just up without notice and left? He had to be a damn saint and save her, she sighed and dialed his cell phone.
Come on Leon pick up." she said after five rings, he hadn't turned his phone off so either he was ignoring her or he wasn't around his phone. She let out a frustrated growl and considered throwing her cell phone at the wall yet what good would that do, she had to remain calm and think about what to do next. Excitement filled her as her cell began to ring but she felt her excitement leave as the caller ID read the call was from Hawes. She knew she had no reason to not answer as it would draw suspicion from her, "Sage here."
Sorry to wake you Sage but we need you to come in and make a statement, a report so to say on the situation. I know it doesn't seem right doing this right after Ethan's death but the more we know the better chance we have at finding his killer." rubbing her temple she said, "No, it's fine I completely understand. Give me about thirty minutes and I'll be there." hanging up she slumped in the chair and wondered how the hell she could do this and make it convincing.
He had made it about fifty miles outside of town before her phone calls started, after the tenth one he chose to shut his phone off. If he listened to the voice mails he might be tempted to turn around, hell he had been tempted to turn around for about forty five miles now. The further away he got the less his temptation got the best of him, if he went back he was endangering her life sure he would be with her but it wasn't worth the risk. He couldn't lose someone else he loved, he had given in years ago and it had cost him his families life. He could still hear his wife screaming as she fought to protect Arabella their daughter, however it had been useless. He had been forced to watch as they tied first his wife to a stake and than their six year old daughter next to her and light a match. Their screams still haunted him till this day, he let out a growl and slammed his hand into the steering wheel again as he tried to shake the memory. That of course had been after he was turned, before that he had been human when he met Moria, that was how Arabella had been conceived. An unfortunate accident and one vampires curiosity had been the cause of his vampirism, when Moria found out she knew what it meant and begged him to turn her. Out of love and his own selfish desire to not lose her he had obliged, they both agreed they would let Arabella remain human till she was old enough to make the decision to join them. However he had lost them both over  five hundred years ago, to him it felt like eons ago yet it had been a dark chapter of his past he had suppressed or at least tried to. With a sigh he pulled over at a rest stop and glanced at his phone lying dormant on the passenger seat, should he call her? He wanted to hear her voice however he felt like if he did he would turn around and go to her. Leaning back in the seat he cursed himself, "Leon you damn fool..."
Resting against the wall after speaking with the council she tried to call him again, his phone was going straight to voice mail now so she knew he had switched it off. Lightly banging her head against the wall behind her she sighed and held the cell against her chest, he was gone.

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