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About: Thankfully, no.  He does have a few scratches and scrapes that pretty much run the length of his...ah...ah...penis or shaft, I should say.  The glans has been spared and there’s no concern there.  However, if he wasn’t circumcised before...he is now.”  Suddenly, an awkward pause lingered for longer than it should have, and then the nurse continued, “Just kidding.”  The joke did exactly what the blonde had hoped, lightening the mood and relieving some of Ella’s angst.
A subdued laugh  spilled from the Albright woman’s lips as she considered the funny assessment of the situation.  Yet, she found her gaze roaming over D’s cock, and her thoughts meandering to an explicit image of the shaft thickening and the head blossoming, as she’d seen before.  “I’m sorry, could you repeat that again?” she found herself asking.  “The part after the circumcision.”
Yes, of course.  The doctor has written an Rx for some antibiotic cream to be used three times daily on all of the lesions, both those with and without sutures.  It should be applied liberally...and don’t worry about running out.  The doctor has authorized a couple of refills, which I’m sure you’ll need.  As well, there’s an oral antibiotic and some pain killers.  Just follow the directions on the bottles.”
Right...right on his shaft, as you’ve indicated?”
Yes, and the stitched areas too.  Keep the areas clean.  We’ve shaved some but watch for ingrown hairs...and...and...oh, yes, he can have quick showers, but just in and out.  We’ll need you and Devon to watch for any signs of redness, especially along the stitched lacerations.  That may indicate infection setting in and we’ll need to be notified right away.  This is particularly true of the punctures.  They are shorter but much deeper, so keep and eye out.”

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