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About: I turn back to the people below me and nod. The E user gestures again, fire flowing from his fingertips. Suddenly he is joined by 10 other fire element AE and E users.  The fire is intensified immensely as it hurtles my way. When it reaches a five foot radius around me, I start to exhale all the air in my lungs. Reaching a foot from me I start to inhale.  Closing my eyes, I feel the flames around me rushing down my throat before hitting my stomach. The heat of the fire ignites my inner furnace. As the fire around me extinguishes, I open my eyes and see the people below me looking confused. As I exhale, the breath comes out shaped as a little tongue of fire. “Remember I offered” I say. Inhaling a deep breath, I look at them and purse my lips. Pulling on the fire inside me, I push the flames into the air in my lungs. Curving my tongue I push the extremely heated air through the tunnel of my tongue then through my tightly pursed lips. The fire that rushes from my lips is an abyssal black flame surrounded by a deep angry red. It consumes the air as it races towards the floor. I notice that everyone is rushing away from the center of the room as the temperature rockets making the entire room a furnace in a matter of seconds. Looking down I see if everyone made it out of the way safely, either by their own power or someone rescuing them. The sight before me makes me chuckle, luckily everyone is out of the way making a ring huddled close to the wall. I see earth and water users calling on their elements to try and put out the flames. I drop down into the center of the fire, I feel the fire sprinkler system kick on as the room is suddenly drenched in water. The temperature of the room stays the same, as my fire continues to burn. I stand there watching the fire eat the floor around me. Looking around at everyone, I see them staring in surprise at the black flames burning despite the water. I release my presence and power letting it return to my lower level of normal.  I shake my shoulders  letting my abyssal black scaled armored wings make their appearance as they seem to emerge from the darkness around me. I wrap them around me and in an instance I straighten them fully out behind me. The wind blast from my wings blows the fire out and knocks a few people off their feet. I draw my wings back in and let them fade as I lower my power and presence till it is where I had it before.
I turn to look around the room, stopping at Ursor. “I was tested when I was 5; at that time I was placed as an MAE user. When they had to rank my abilities, I broke the machine. Three people died just from the initial release of my abilities. At the time I didn’t know how to control them. There are three ranks above S+ that most people don’t know about.  They are SS, SS+, and X. I am one of twenty-one people currently alive who are ranked X. There are less than 200 people alive today that are ranked above S+. Their ranking is usually hidden.  They would be fought over or worse tracked down and destroyed. The monks at the monastery I lived at spent most of my life so far teaching me control, and how to hide my powers. They made sure that my ranking wasn’t found out.  They recorded it as a low lever S MAE user. You told me you are my new family so I am trusting this to you. No one outside the DiCe can know of me at least not yet. There is a data net to hide my info if I am ever found out but it would change a lot of things in my life. Outside this room no one can know about me. I will kill anyone that threatens my life. There are a grand total of 2 people that know my skills. Other than you and my family back at the monastery.”
I finish and look Ursor over. He takes a knee looking around I see everyone following his lead. “Stand Up!” I say. “I didn’t nor do I want, any form of leadership. Not yet at least, I want people to follow me because they want to not because they kneeling before power. I want a normal school experience. I will follow your lead until such time as you give me reason not to.” I turn and find my jacket before walking over to right side of the room. Taking a seat I put my feet up on the seat in front of me.
Ursor moves back to the center of the room looking it over. “You haven’t told us your animal spirit. But I don’t know if we should ask. Knowing this school you will reveal it in due time. So that being said welcome to the DiCe.” He pulls up his Percom and taps a few buttons. Everyone that is in the room checks their Percom as they go off at the same time. “I put it before the DiCe for a vote on Heath’s position in the DiCe. Please vote now.” He looks down at his Percom and presses a button. I see the holographic screens blink up with people voting. After the last one turns off Ursor taps a button and a circular holographic display lowers from the ceiling. Displaying the results of the vote. Ursor turns to face me and says. “You have been assigned the Freshman Class Commander.” He taps a few commands into his Percom and moves over to me holding out his wrist to mine. I tap my Percom to his and feel it vibrate. “You will be in charge of the freshman class, both their auditions and their tests. You will assign them to their squads, you will be given times and places where your squads will patrol. It is your job to assign your squads to those times and make sure they are ok and are doing their jobs. I do random checks throughout the week. You are allowed to select 1 person to be your PA or personal assistant but it will be out of your 20 members. You will choose another and that person will be your Vice Commander. You have full discretion when picking your members or if you need to “release” your members. You will need to offer me a reason as to why they are not DiCe material if you are going to release them. If you don’t have any questions this meeting is adjourned. Read over the information I sent you Friday and install the new programs to your Percom as they are the DiCe authorization and authority modules that will give you access to the entire island. I will stop by your apartment next Monday morning and we can talk before classes start. Remember if you get a call you are to respond that means this week too.” He turns and walks off as I see the arena emptying.
Chapter 4

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