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About: Good,” he said as her slipped another finger in, working the cream into her orifice.  “I’ll tell him you’re an arse virgin but that might result in him wanting it so you have to be ready.”
Will it hurt?”
Not too much if l grease you well,” he said, “of course it all depends how rough he wants to be, very often it becomes a bit of a power trip if he knows he’s hurting you with his cock but you just have to take it, you will learn that pain can be an erotic experience.”  He jabbed another finger into her anal passage, Susan let out a cry at the increased invasion.  “Your body is for the pleasure of men,” he said, “enjoy it and the pleasure will be yours  as well.”
You make it all sound so easy and exciting,” she said as his fingers slipped from her bum hole, “l do want it, honestly l do, it’s just all so new to me, l feel like Pandora opening a box of sex and not knowing where it will lead.”
It will lead to a life of fun Mum,” he said, “believe me, men will queue up to fuck you, you’re the perfect fantasy woman.”

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