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About: First thing I noticed was it wasn’t his writing, it must be one of the normal guys. I read it three or four times. My initial reaction was no. It was a huge step to even start coming in to suck guys but it was a different game to actually let guys fuck me!! I mean I’ve only ever had sex with two guys who were both boyfriends at the time. But my heart was racing and I must admit it did excite me a little bit. I enjoyed watching gloryhole porn and that’s what always happened. But I’d made my decision, I knocked the wall once and went to knock twice… but my hand stopped. My heart raced, my mouth went dry but my hand didn’t move. It felt like an eternity but like time had stood still at the same time. £50 came through the hole. This was my opportunity to just take the £20 for a blowjob. But the the hand that had betrayed me in knocking reached out and took all the money. As I put the money down a condom covered cock came through the hole. It was a good size for my first, maybe 5.5” long and reasonably girthy but not too thick. Luckily I was in a skirt so I took it off, along with my thong and bent over with my pussy up against the hole. As much as they make it look easy in porn I can assure you it isn’t!! The hole was at an awkward height so I had to half bend and half squat and killed my legs!!  Do it with both hands.”  Jackie brought over her other hand and started stroking with both hands wrapped around my cock.  Her hands were soft and small, they felt great!  At this point, Gina and I started passionately kissing while she shoved her hand down her shorts and started fingering herself.

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