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About: Nick gulped. Did his sister know that he secretly lusted for her?
It’s ok, I know you were probably just curious when you were young.”
Nick took in the view of his sister in front of him, from her feet up her smooth legs, thighs barely covered in her towel hanging off her chest and wrapped tightly around her torso.
Rebecca had a wild idea and slowly loosened the  towel and let it drop to the floor, standing completely naked in front of her brother.
For Nick, it was a glorious sight to behold. His sister’s body was as flawless as it was when she was a teenager. Her breasts were fully developed and hung perfectly from her chest. Her nipples were even puffier than he remembered, or maybe just seemed that way given his proximity to his naked sister. His eyes slowly passed down her fit body, stopping to take in the fullness of her vagina with a perfectly trimmed triangle of dark pubic hair at the top.

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