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About: Most of the matches were over fairly quickly.  The secret seemed to be to rapidly get hold of the other person around the waist.  If you were the first to securely grab the other, most likely you could throw them down.  The slippery gel, however, made it difficult to hold on to anything.  The match that got the most reaction from the crowd was when the large, heavyset woman who had brought Target to the club grabbed her opponent at arms length, lifted her up off the ground and slammed her down into the gooey pit.
Another classic 'Big Momma' body slam," yelled the MC.  "Big Momma has been our Ultimate Winner here at Wicked Whip eleven times.  If she wins tonight, she will join only two others in our All Time Winners Hall of Fame."
Target had carefully watched the fourteen matches that preceded hers.  She was trying to figure out what she had to do to win.  She thought she had it.  She had to keep her hands close to her sides so her opponent couldn't grab her waist, but not too close so her arms couldn't get pinned.  She had to stay slightly crouched to hold her waist back, but not so far crouched that she could be pulled over.
I can do this," she thought to  herself as her wrists were uncuffed and she was led to the slime pit.  "I can do this," she assured herself as she looked at her opponent, a frail-looking girl about two-thirds her size.  "I can do this," she said out loud as she scooped up double handfuls of the lubricant gel and smeared it over her arms and breasts and legs and between her legs.  "I can do this," she said firmly as she looked into the small face of her opponent.
Target moved slowly around the pit waiting for the girl to attempt to grab her.  She knew that was your most vulnerable point and where several of the previous fighters had been defeated.  As they lunged forward to grab their opponent, they themselves were grabbed and thrown to the slimy floor of the pit.   Target waited, but the frail, little girl didn't lunge.  She didn't even try to grab Target's waist.  Instead, after several circles of the pit by both fighters, she suddenly dropped to her left knee and just as suddenly brought her right hand upward between Target's legs.  The fingers of the tiny hand were held together to form a pointed wedge that drove directly into Targets pussy lips.  The hand was full of slime which squished out between the fingers as the hand drove rapidly and painfully inside Target's cunt.   Then the girl stood up and lifted upward with her right hand while holding onto her right wrist with her left hand.

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