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About: Ohhhh you little slut! You’re a masochist! Pain turns you on??? Do you want to be dominated??”, she asked excitedly.
Yessss…” Kristin sobbed breathlessly, feeling ashamed at her admission, but rubbing herself faster.
Kellie was rinsing shampoo out of her hair now, “Fantastic! What if…” she began cupping her breasts and pulling at her nipples, “…I was in charge of what the two of you did? If I told you what you can do to him, and to him what he could do to YOU?? Mmmmmm…”, She moved her right hand down to her pussy and began rubbing, “…What if the two of you could only talk to me, and not to each other? Then you could be positive that I’m fine with everything that happens!” Kellie  was pulling hard at her left nipple. “Jesus, this is exciting… isn’t it? I want more cum, don’t you?? He probably needs release again soon… mmmm…”
Kristin had leaned up against the shower wall and was whining and continued rubbing her clit while listening to what her sister was describing. It was a huge fantasy of hers to be dominated, and she had never in a million years thought it would be by her sister and brother in law. She hoped Kellie would allow Ethan to be rough with her. She wanted to be choked, slapped, and forced to take his cock in every hole. The entire situation was thrilling her. “Yessss...”, Was all she could moan as she sensed herself about to cum.
Kellie decided to begin taking on her role, “Yes… what?” She wanted her sister to say it.

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