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Full name: Michele Mikkelsen
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About: Yeah but can’t do anything through panties. Get them off too.”
I can’t believe I’m seeing a real cunt. Not a picture even. Jeez my cock is so hard.”
They stripped and looked uncertain as to what to do. Just then Wu Mei reached out, eyes still closed and bumped into Ben’s long stiff cock. Her hand closed on it and pulled. In her mind she was rubbing her husband’s cock.
Ben went closer and started thrusting in her hand; his balls bumping her hand each time he thrust. John stared at her wet pussy wondering how they managed to get such a treat. His cock throbbed and his balls hardened. His fingers found her cunt and started exploring the wetness. In  and out, up and down he rubbed. He found a pink button and started squeezing. Wu Mei breathed faster. Her dreams seemed so real.  Her hips rocked up and down. Her hand felt Ben’s balls swinging back and forth. She had never had such a realistic dream.
John’s fingers rubbed her clit with one hand and her tits with the other. Squeezing the erect brown nipples and seeing them getting bigger. His cock ached. His balls ached. He had to do something to relieve them. Wu Mei gasped and opened her mouth. Ben moved his cock to Wu Mei’s mouth and rubbed it on her lips. Such a real dream, her husband never put his cock there! She felt as if the dream would go away if she opened her eyes. It was as if she was not really dreaming.

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